A Brit in a Hong Kong Yarn Shop

I’ll start with me, me, me :o)

I was left alone for hours and hours and hours in the hotel in Hong Kong so I decided to out & about. I was soooo brave. Out of the hotel, across the crossing and a few yards down the road – I found a yarn shop.


It was gorgeous. All these older HongKong women sitting in the middle of the shop, around a round table, knitting and chatting. The server was young and spoke English and I spent about an hour in there talking about my own yarn shop back home and comparing experiences. EVENTUALLY, Leaving with some gorgeous silk yarn and a crochet hook.

The things we do for love ! ! !

P.S. Himself came back late evening and found me sat, sitting, cross-legged on the bed, crocheting. He just shook his head and laughed.

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