Since before Diana died, I’ve called the man Teflon Tony. Our Illustrious PM. Barf!


There are many, Many, MANY Teflon people who are squeaky clean (?)

There are others who have had mud thrown which sticks forever…ever…eve..ev….ECHO.

Why is FEB repeating MY story of online abuse?

I had to leave my father’s funeral before the wake because I had appoints with lawyers. Corporate Lawyers and Employment Lawyers who were guiding me through the sacking of 5 (F I V E) of our employees from UK, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Dubai.

The next morning my brothers and I got up early to have a private interment with the vicar. He put my Dad’s ashes in my mother’s grave.

I’ve had 3 years of insults and death threats and humiliation and shame and an NDE caused by FEB and his subs.

Mmmmn. He’s even stolen my LIFE story now.

How UN-surprising.

Teflon FEB. He’ll still shine bright and squeaky clean.

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