The Trouble With Buying Online

Over the past couple of months my online fabric buys have been pretty good.

ebay. Cheaper than a shop.

But the image above is my first mistake.

IRL – the fabric is a disgusting shade of pale orange/beige/yuk.

I spent a few years as a retailer (owning a real, physical shop) dealing in fabric and yarn and clothes and art and jewellery so I KNOW the difference between wholesale and retail.

Buy quite a lot, quite cheap from a wholesaler who has massive stocks and you’ll get an RRP.

Recommended Retail Price. I used to shave a bit off the RRP to give my customers good value.

They still complained. Especially when buying anything that I’d handmade with mine own fair hands!!!

Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware.

A computer will NEVER give you the TRUE feel or colour or scent or taste or voice.


P.S. This disgusting fabric is natural cotton… so I can dye it. YAY :o)

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