The Big Yin

This morning, I accidently got to watch something that I NEVER watch – BBC Breakfast News.

I lasted a WHOLE 5 minutes and saw an announcement.

Sir Billy Connolly said he does not let his Parkinson’s disease dictate who he is as he spoke of his honour at receiving this year’s Bafta fellowship.

The 79-year-old comedian, known as the Big Yin, will be celebrated for a career spanning more than five decades at the awards ceremony on 8 May. The fellowship is the highest Bafta accolade given to recognise outstanding and exceptional contribution in film, games or television.

I adore, love and adore again this man. He’s been part of my upbringing for so long. Yes, I agree. He went all establishment. He’s an atheist (or something close to an unspiritual person) and he accepted THE highest “common person’s” validation award – A SIRSHIP.

But – he’s an ex-Catholic who grew up in poverty and was severely physically, emotionally and sexually abused as a young boy. And turned all that trauma into a career that has brought many laughs into our lives.

Not all good is good. Not all bad is bad (?!?)

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