Because : I’ve Been Involved With THIS & a Wider BS Since 2019

I’m not a VICTIM. I’m a Survivor.

My story has been told here and on Greta Brookes’ blog for over 3 years. It all started with my connection to Martin.

I’d watched his videos for almost a year before I reached out to him for help. I’d ID’d him as a fellow traveller on the Truth Journey.

F1RST mistake. Right from the get-go my life turned, turned, turned. B A D.

It’s still not good. I’m still pot-less…without a benjamin $£ for over 10,000 articles. But MANY have prospered.

Of the all the hurtfuls, the fact that I emailed ML and told him that one of his subs had stolen my DEAD father’s name and was using it to comment on the FEB channel, his response truly betrayed his EMPATH (lol) lie. From that day on he always hearted David Greig. Big Joke. NOT.

Martin gave me the confidence to spread my work. I thanked him many times.

Martin then stole my work and made it his own. I’ve damned him many more times.


P.S. I almost died too after his disgusting public behaviour towards me. NOT A SINGLE yt PERSON GAVE A SHIT. Jan 30th 2020. There is EVIDENCE. My husband witnessed it all. This is not opinion. This is FACT.

Abuse is abuse. STOP THESE PEOPLE NOW.


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