Dangerous Brian & The NC 500

I’ve known DB since 1984. He’s married to a crazy woman whom he lets travel with me across Europe and the Middle East! Despite knowing how totally stupid she and me are when we get together.

In all that time, he and I have NEVER had anything even approaching a bad word to say to each other. Until he told me that he’d just come back from the NC500.

I pouted quite a bit and demanded why he didn’t take me with him.

Something about motorbikes, slashing rain, freezing cold and very uncomfortable accommodation.

That made me feel a whole lot better….LOL :o)

One day. I will. But in a van with a roof and a comfy bed with about 14 duvets and cooking facilities and a proper loo, a shower with hot water, an open fire. Fact!

But then I’d still need a DB who is an amazing mechanic and can make anything work. He’s only allowed here to stay if he brings his tool box, chainsaw, ropes and pulleys, electrical kit, spanners, hammers and nuts. And his wife – who will be as guilty as me of doing something totally unexpected.

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