I don’t agree with Wilson & Blackett. But I respect them. Hugely.

An Alternative History of an Alternate History of Alternative.

14. King Arthur.

# The Horde wars and the conquests of a latter epoch of the XIV-XVI cc. were falsely inserted into the Life of Arthur-Christ. For example the story of the Battle of Kulikovo has been inserted. In it Arthur is identified with Khan Dmitryi Donskoy (Emperor Constantine) and also with the Biblical David. The well-known battle of Arthur with a fierce giant is David fighting Goliath. That is once again the Battle of Kulikovo.

# The well-known wizard Merlin is a magus-sorcerer and also the Holy Spirit of the Gospels, and also (in some of the fragments of chronicles) the Emperor Andronicus-Christ himself.

# King Uhter is King Herod, and in other fragments it is the Holy Spirit who procreated Christ (Arthur).

# The story of Arthur’s birth is the Gospel story of the Immaculate Conception and the Nativity of Christ.

# In the Life of Arthur the story of John the Baptist is inserted.

# The notorious traitor Modred or Mordred who rebelled against Arthur is the reflection of the Gospel King Herod and also to a greater degree – Judas Iscariot. The scheming Judas is also reflected in the image of King’s Arthur ‘unfaithful wife Guinevere’.

# The cycle of legends of King Arthur was created quite late, in the epoch of the XVI-XVII cc. The story of Christ is fantastically entwined here with much later events, mainly of the military history of the Horde. It’s no coincidence that the name ARTHUR coincides with the word ARTA or HORDE.

# The famous Round Table of King Arthur and the meeting of twelve of his best knights at the Round Table is a recollection of Christ’s famous Last Supper, when at the same table not long before Christ’s death all 12 of Jesus’ apostles gathered together [XP], ch.7.

A great deal is written about King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The literature dedicated to the Arthurian legends and their reflection in the fictional literature of different epochs and different people is truly vast. Now such a keen interest towards the persona of Arthur makes perfect sense.


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