A Touch of the “When I” ?

When I was….starts the sentence. I cry – No, not another of your When I’s.

Ooops. I’m just as bad. Although my when I’s do NOT -over the years – lower the temperature in Norway with the AMFL from the original minus 20 to nowadays minus 72.


Moved here aged 10, my brothers were 9 and 7. We all went to Bowl Alley Lane School. We all took the 11+ exam and we all went onto to QEGS…Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.

My Dad was a police constable and my Mum was a barmaid in a restaurant.

We were NOT from an affluent family.

Fast forward a decade and a bit – when we moved back. My eldest was 10, his brother 8. They both went to Bowl Alley Lane School and took the 11+ exam and went onto QEGS. THEIR parents were a soldier and a housewife.

To this day I will NOT EVER dumb down to lowest common denominator.

BTW – I am still good friends with those young mates I made before we passed or failed the 11+ exam. I’m even (so are my boys) mates with the children of my mates who didn’t pass that exam all those centuries ago.

We all have a bad day. Not everyone can do what is basically a MENSA test. That does not make a person STOOPID.

WHY make it a POLITICAL thing? Why bring shame on “failure.”

I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded. I even walked out of QEGS when I was 17 and told them where to put their education :o)

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