The Mysterious Darnley/Lennox Jewel

I’m beginning to really like this girl.

Not agreeing with her means nothing, I just enjoy her videos…and Accent. She’s an Ulster girl.

The shenanigans that went on within the family featured below was part of my final History Exams. I stopped at the murder of Rizzio.

Darnley doesn’t come out of this smelling very sweet. He was very miffed when Mary, Queen of Scots refused to grant him – as her husband- the right to rule after her death, if they had no children. He was only ever a consort. Not a King.

They did have a child. He grew up to be James VI of Scotland/JAMES I OF ENGLAND.

I revisited this whole era years ago when writing the novel. Why? Because Marie, my main character, had married into the Guise family. Claude, Duc de Chevreuse was a blood relation of Mary de Guise.

James & Charles Stuart were very fond of her.

Anyway. A mysterious jewel.

P.S. Momento Mori was well-known in times past. Though they seem morbid to us today – the artistic representations of skulls and bones and the real locks of hair were physical reminders of a lost loved one.

P.P.S. I’ve been to Holyrood – can’t remember the Rizzio thing. Too young and impatient, I guess

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