The 6 to 8 Wives of Ivan the Terrible

I see Ivan Grozny as more Weak than Terrible. He went back and forth between two women but History says different. See video below.

About 5 years ago I just HAD to debunk the New Chronology claims about Shakespeare’s plays. I started with Macbeth…Out, Out Damn Spot.

By the time I got to Henry VIII I was feeling slightly less cocky about MY knowledge of the Bard’s works.


Katherine of Aragon or is that Zoë?

Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 9:40

Oh, yes. I was here…with Shakespeare and Henry VIII and the women.

We are back with the four!!

Katherine of Aragon

“Sir, I desire you do me right and justice; 
And to bestow your pity on me: for 
I am a most poor woman, and a stranger, 
Born out of your dominions; having here 
No judge indifferent, nor no more assurance 
Of equal friendship and proceeding. Alas, sir, 
In what have I offended you? what cause 
Hath my behaviour given to your displeasure, 
That thus you should proceed to put me off, 
And take your good grace from me?”

I won’t go into her story. It is too well-known and/or too easy to research.

She is the good woman in Henry VIII.

Zoë Palaiologina

Destruction of Zoë Palaiologina’s grave – Kremlin, Moscow 1929

Who was Zoë Palaiologina? Otherwise known as Sophia Palaiologina.

She was the daughter of Thomas Palaiologos, Despot of Morea…

Flag of Morea

Am I getting boring now? :o)

She married Ivan III/Ivan IV the Terrible etc etc. See previous posts. And he exchanged her for a younger model.

Zoë was a true Lady of Tartary. The Hordian Princess. She and Ivan ruled over the entire Empire in the 15th century.

She/her story is also reflected in other historical figures besides Katherine of Aragon.

Elizabeth I Tudor and Catherine de Medici.

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