Due Diligence

When we had our company, I was force-fed Due Diligence.

It went far beyond the normal business practices and into the personal when I wanted to sack 5 members of our staff.

It involved secret email accounts between me and the lawyers. It went to saving every single email every single employee had sent over the company system.

It went to the steps of the Court House when not a single one of them had the balls to turn up and face the evidence.

I still do due diligence. On EVERYTHING. Why?

Because I NEVER want to live in Cold Comfort Farm again with something NASTY in the woodshed.

Literature Reference there, loves :o)





Without this y’all are firing blanks. FACT.

P.S. Y’all might be able to fit 1,000 UK’s into America. That does NOT make y’all MASTERS of the UNIVERSE :o)

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