I went into town a bit later this morning. We have ice. And every exit from the village I live in is DOWN hill.

Anyways. I spotted a shop open and decided to go inside to get something for BFF who will be here in a couple of days.

LOTS of signs all over the door, swingy sign on the road, windows with BIG FONT CAPITAL words like mask and mandatory.

My brain said ? and I went in.

I hadn’t got 5 steps when I was asked to put on my mask.

Soz, love. I’m exemplary.

No. I didn’t. I wanted to. I just said that I was exempt.

When I went to pay the whole £1.93 of my purchase, she slipped the machine under the plastic screen and allowed me to beep.

OMG. I so wanted to have paid her in 1 pence coins so that she’d have to touch my cooties.


My bad.

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