Both Himself and my brother spent time in Sarajevo. They both say the same about this city and also the surrounding area…

…Stunningly Beautiful.

Such a shame that history has given it a bad rep. I’d love to go there.

Uurm – TAXI ? ? ?

P.S. Don’t y’all just love BOT (bloody ‘orrible torture) read videos? ;o))

N.C. Perspective :

In addition, being in constant motion, the regular army was supposed to be located near the warehouses of food, ammunition, and weapons. Consequently, a system of military warehouses should have existed on the territory of Russia. The warehouse is also called by another Russian word – SARAY. It is clear that the military leaders – the khans should have had their rates, basically, not somewhere, but precisely near these warehouse-sheds. And what do we see? In the history of the “Tatar-Mongol Golden Horde” we constantly meet the mention of Sarai. There are many cities in Russia with the roots of the SAR, and especially on the Volga. Indeed: SARATOV, SARansk, ChebokSARy, TSARitsyn = SAR + Tsyn, ZARaysk in the Ryazan region is an episcopal city, ZARansk in Western Russia. Note that all of these are large and largest cities. Including, some of them are the capitals of autonomous entities. SAR can also be a variant of KING.

In the Balkans, by the way, there is the famous city of Sarajevo, that is, SARAY. We see a noticeable spread of the name “barn” on the territory of Russia and medieval Turkey.