WARNING : I’m going to say both the ?Dreaded T word & the ?Dreaded c word.

You’ve been warned!

Way back in the mists of unrecorded time…29th of June 2019…I wrote about Amazons


Amazon Cossacks

Saturday, 29 June 2019, 10:04

Amazon Warrior Women were Tartarian Wives

“Amazon Cossacks reflected on many pages of “ancient” literature. Historians write like this: “The Amazons entered antique literature and visual art.

The Amazons were a favourite motif on Greek painted vases. They were depicted on horseback with a spear fighting the Greeks.

 Archaeologists know that Scythians had armed women … Armed women are known … for example, for the Alans in the Middle Ages. However, the number of women’s burials with arms is higher than that of the Scythians, and reaches 20% of the total weapons “[792], p.86.”


For all those who use maps as evidence of historical fact – you CANNOT deny that in the image above is an ancient map of (beware) TARTARIA.

Or that – right by the name TARTARIA is a name AMAZONUM.


Well. Right up into the 20th century, Russian females still fought with their men….. !

Who’d’ve thunk?