Apart from my Mum’s sister, Maureen, my brothers, my cousins and I are now the Older Generation of our blood family.

I was the one entrusted with a cardboard box full of old black and white photos of both my parents and their parents and multiple keepsakes from past generations.

To date I’ve kept this box in the attics. All contents jumbled up and uncatalogued. But not for much longer.

I’ve been watching many videos about Junk Journaling… made by incredibly talented crafters. BUT : they spend lots of money on digitised versions of old photos and that gave me a thought.

Why not make something beautiful and informative for the future generations?

My boys, my nieces and nephews etc are all of the digital age. They rarely write with pen and paper and all photographs are uploaded or downloaded on something that has to be plugged in first. They are the keepers of memories that are hostage to outside forces beyond their control.

I can make something that will be filled with Greigs and Hills, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and stored for the next person who wants to know who and where they come from.

Nice :o)