From day 1 on ytoob I presented my work with the New Chronology narrative to Martin Liedtke. He very kindly shared this with his subs and other friends.

This was 3 years and 5 days ago.

To this date (10/1/2020) Fomenko and his team’s work has been at the very core of The Hidden History Project. I applied every single element of my former Police Investigative training to my studies of this – as if I was interrogating a suspect or questioning a witness…again.

Sadly : 3 years and 5 days ago, I was seen as a crazy crank who had thrown something new into the arena that titillated a few, for a minute or two. And then they rejected me and my work.

Life has moved on and suddenly many are asking about New Chronology. Not from me. From those who rejected the premise back then.

Here is the only place open to me now. Here is where I had to start again after a total totalling of everything.

I’m so grateful to those who follow me and like some of my posts. As YOU know – it’s not just crazy crank history here. There is so much more.

Bless you all for making my uncomfortable worth every second of my pain xxx