Costume Design and Historical Accuracy

OKeyDokey – I have some small expertise in both these arenas too!

I was taught to knit – aged 6 – at Inverbrothock School in Arbroath. In fact, the whole class was taught. Girls and Boys.

Which is right and proper because many ancestral Scottish knitters were men. Like fishermen. Who’d need warm clothes and had plenty of time to knit as their boats sailed out to fishing grounds.

I also bought and sold “Vintage” clothes which I’d deconstruct and reconstruct via books on that specific time period that were available.

As your girl says below – Historical Accuracy in Costume Design is not exactly ACCURATE. Much like our history.

My favourite knits are the more complicated Arans/Cables/Guernseys. They have a mathematical pattern that is repeated throughout. Along with all increases and decreases. Much like life (?)

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