Yes. I did…..and still do (?) have a bit of a crush on David Essex.

I’ve always known that he was of Gypsy (Irish Traveller) descent. He never made a secret of it. But – as he has grown older, he’s come to appreciate his heritage more and more. Like I have.

I know him best through War of the Worlds. He was the Artillery Man.

P.S. Somewhere in MY soul I have a Gypsy past. FACT!

BTW : New Age Travellers are not real TRAVELLERS. They are tax dodgers and drop-outs and tieves (Spelling meant) and pretenders who have NO connection to their past. They even reject their own families.

I’ve met both true Romany and the New Age ones.

HUGE difference.

Sorry. Got distracted and slightly confused by a Thunderchild. Did I see a KenBran here. Doing Dunkirk?