Temple Bruer, Lincolnshire

I’ve long wanted to visit this place but it’s in a foreign land, aka North Kesteven. I live in East Lindsay.

Our county is divided into 7 different districts/councils/foreign places

OK. I’m being fatuous. This place is just north of Lincoln.

Temple Bruer Preceptory is a historic building in the civil parish of Temple Bruer with Temple High GrangeNorth KestevenLincolnshire, England. It is one of the few Knights Templar sites left in England where any ruins remain standing. Its name comes from its Templar ownership and its position in the middle of the Lincoln Heath, bruyère (heather) from the French language current at the time. It was founded in the period 1150 to 1160 and the order was dissolved in 1312.[1][2] The site is located between the A15 and A607 roads, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north from Cranwell. The site has been excavated twice, firstly by the Rev Dr. G. Oliver, the rector of Scopwick in 1832–3, and in 1908 by Sir William St John Hope.

I was “ordered” last night to watch this bloke (he’s a Johnny Depp lookylikey) who does stuff about places around here.

Quote : I’ll take you to the Demon Church at Skidbrooke. You can spent the night there, ghost-hunting.

I said Thanks and then told him EXACTLY where to put himself :o)

Anyhoo : Johnny Depp at Temple Bruer.

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