A Brief History of the Gallowglas

That’s how I know them. Most write Gallowglass but…whatever. We are all Different.

I’M NOT :o)

Sorry. That’s my immediate response to the phrase, We are All Different.

Anyway and whatever. Let’s go to the font of ALL Knowledge for a description.

The gallowglasses (also spelled galloglassgallowglas or galloglas; from Irishgall óglaigh meaning foreign warriors) were a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Ireland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. Originally applied to Scots, who shared a common background and language with the Irish, but as they were descendants of 10th-century Norse settlers who had intermarried with the local population in western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil (“foreign Gaels”).


That’d be Scottish. Norse. Irish. Warriors.

And Albrecht Durer? ? ?

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