The NEW JERUSALEM Monastery : Russia

As the story goes…

Patriarch Nikon (7 May 1605 – 17 August 1681) had a whim to build a Holy Sepulchre close to Moscow. So he made someone trudge all the way to Jerusalem in the Middle East and spend a long time measuring every inch of the building there so that architects could recreate it back home.

EVEN THOUGH : In Florence, Italy there were already very detailed plans of the building.

Quote :

The question arises, where did the plan of the Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulchre come from – not to be confused with the Temple of Solomon! – published in Florence in 1626? And attributed today by historians to the XII century. 

It’s all very confusing.

Except for the fact that the “antiquitech” (?) on top still shows the Cross and the Crescent Moon.

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