Finally : I’ve Found a Researcher On MY Research Track

I came across Howdie via Owen Benjamin…today.

Thank you, BB :o)

I discovered The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail over 20 years ago too. Just after I’d really begun to deeply research the Cathars. Henry Lincoln brought us (the public) to Rennes-le-Chateau and all that. But it was always the Cathars who intrigued me most.

I’ve written about them several times and still research them today, despite outside objections by yt!

Coming from a New Chronology angle, I see this subject in a different light to many (most) others but there IS an undeniable link between the New Testament and the South of France. Everything goes back to the same source.

In MY research, the Mary who travelled to the South of France was Marie, the daughter of Andronicus I Comnenus. She first married the Lord of Montpellier and then the prince, later King of Aragon. Catalonia too is very connected here. The language, Occitan – the Langue d’Oc is of great importance.

This, in my opinion, is a subject well worth the time spent on looking into – PROPERLY. With an open mind and a willingness to see.

Greta Brookes – 18th of March 2019 : The Hidden History of the Cathars Part 1

For those who don’t know – Greta Brookes was my pen name when I used to earn a living wage from my writing in the pre- yt Babe’s Cathar expertise days. FACT!

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