A few days before Christmas, I had a toothache and swollen gum.

A woman, who works in our local supermarket and who has always slightly scared me, saw me in there with my hand against the right side of my face. She nodded and said…Toothache?

Anyway, we got chatting about being suffers-in-common and she gave me some sound M.S. medical advice on pain management.


She saw me today and asked about the tooth. I couldn’t tell her how I’d cured everything after she went into the Co-Codomal 4 times a day with Ibuprofen, the anti-biotics and the tooth extract ! Or that Co-Codomol – the one and only time I’ve taken it – after slicing my left palm with a carving knife – sent me all fizzy. As if I’d just drunk a bottle of neat 70% proof Vodka.

What was the truth?


Sheer bloody-mindedness and a lack of time. I just told the damn thing to stop being stupid, that I had too much stuff to do to spend time giving IT attention and …rubbed some of my live oil on the gum.


Pain-free and every tooth still accounted for :o)