The Art of War

This is an eye-opening work of art.

Forget chronology and timelines and who did what, when. This is amazing.

From the get go my “enemies” have been increasingly predictable. What started as a plan to dishonour and destroy ME has turned into something totally different.

YES. I’ve made mistakes. TONS of them. BUT – eventually I learned to just sit back and watch. To THINK.

What was once used to shame me is now a perfect opportunity to shame the original shamers.

Hey – What You Give IS What You Get.

All it took was time and patience and an eye for DETAILS…Repetitions…Patterns…Copycatting…Syntax and the use of certain words…the Rhythms…the Knowledge of exactly WHEN TO HOLD THEM & WHEN TO FOLD THEM.

I might’ve made a Grand Chess Player if I’d had a childhood Chess Mentor (?)


Patience. Forward Thinking. Observation. Silence until…………….

BTW : Did you get the I LOVE this work vibe?

In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity

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