Which Witch Is Which?

I find it really creepy that no one….NO ONE has ever commented on the sudden death of Venus Rose aka UAV.

She disappeared in 2020 after realising that she’d chosen a totally STOOPID yt name.


Her and her other half were much more than mod and channel creator. They played out a truly sick relationship in public. OneUpmanship and Control alles Uber die Klaus Barbie Platz. She liked German kissing better than French kissing btw. Effin’ Rascist :o)

Anyhoo : MY JOB is to slay all these False Prophets and Devil’s Daughters.

P.S. Ssssh. V did not die. She shape-shifted into many other fake names. FACT!

P.P.S Watch this with live chat on. REVELATIONS galore- ious

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