A Drunk History of Someone Who Wrote Something about Christmas

I’m totally pissed off.

All I wanted for Christmas was an Irish Whisky to ease my poorly tooth. So….

I got out in the rain and the mist, in my slippers, to fetch a bottle of spirit water of life from our ex-pig-sty now MAN BAR to fetch a dram and :


Only Jack Daniels? Barf!

As I learn later, all the REAL stuff was given to our neighbour who was coping with a son who’d set himself on fire. Not a good gift (?)

Charlie Dicks was the BLIGHT of my English Literature classes. Yup, B.O.R.I.N.G.

I was a Shakespeare Sister :o)

BTW. In my humble opinion, that is not water in their glasses. That’s neat vodka. Y’all can tell by the viscosity of it.

P.S. Muppets Christmas Carol quote in real life……MY PENS HAVE TURNED INTO INKCICLES /:O|

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