The Christmas Cosy Mystery : Who Nicked the Salmon?

You might’ve guessed that I’m a huge fan of Cosy Mysteries. Hamish Macbeth being a point in case. Even Agatha Christie started off in this genre.

I have the perfect plot for one of my own!

One of my boys is definitely a foodie Black Sheep. He doesn’t eat Sunday lunch or the Full Christmas Dinner stuff, so, we bought him a special meal for today that included extremely expensive salmon slices. Freaking weirdo child.

Anyhoo : this Xmas day has been a disaster, dahlings.

Someone has stolen, misplaced, teleported said child’s fish. He’s devastated and had a better Sarah Bernhardt moment than I have EVER produced.

Apparently he will either starve to death or have a bowl of Ready Break for Christmas.

Psssst. I blame his mother for the Am Dram bit. Oh, yes.

So – first off. A better title than Who Nicked the Salmon? is needed.

Second off. Even I don’t know the outcome. Which is a very bad way to start a novel :o(

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