And I’ve got a bloody toothache that’s driving me insane.

Nice excuse there, Jackie :o)

I do have toothache and I also have a real craving for an Irish Coffee to ease the traumatic pain and anguish.

I learned how to make these in the restaurant when I was 12 years old. Which may be the last time I ever had toothache.

There are tons of fancypants ways to do it but – pouring the cream slowly and elegantly over the back of a teaspoon is LAW.

I’d have the diner’s watch me do this in front of them as a kid. Nerve-wracking at first then I got all peacock like. LOL.

BTW : NEVER, EVER, EVER stir a made Irish Coffee. The leprechauns will haunt you forever if you do. FACT!

Merry Christmas one and all xx

P.S. If you use brandy instead of whisky it’s called a French Coffee.