Christmas Food Shopping Day

It was all worked out, discussed, lists written and agreed last night.

By 8am we’d all be ready (ALL of us) to go and buy food for Christmas Eve and Day.

I leave this shop as late as possible because of the vegetables (no, not the other house peeps) FRESH vegetables. Why buy them a week before so that they’re all manky and dry by the Big Day?

TahDah. I’m up at 6. All chores done. Fire lit. Coat on and……zzzzzzzzzzz!

Fast forward to long past 8 am and we enter a War Zone of trollies, screaming kids and pissed off old age pensioners with Aisle Rage.


Oh. I will judge the girly below. Her kids have had a McDonald’s breakfast and she’s showing us her chocolate and crisps horde ? ? ?

I had to fight a masked marauder for some parsnips and carrots, FFS!

P.S. Ooops. I bought myself a Terry’s Chocolate Orange too. Shame on ME!

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