Death of a Cad

Bizarre upon Bizarre chez moi !

We have background country music here right now. The lovely sound of many 2bore guns shooting all the pheasants, crows, partridge…well, all the anything with wings…right by our garden.

I HATE blood sports. I HATE people who find pleasure in killing animals for the FUN of it.

I UNDERSTAND that animals have to be killed sometimes but …!

Himself was working his balls off yesterday doing something with 30 tons of something, somewhere out in the beyond when all of a sudden they heard the horn toot and the sounds of horses hooves and baying dogs.

The Hunt Master even stopped and said , in a very posh, upper-class accent-
Get out of our way, you there. What the bally hell are you doing?

The Hunt destroyed ALL the work they had done. Fact.

P.S. Did you know? The hounds have only 3 years of life. They are STARVED before a hunt and when they get injured or knackered out, they are shot in the head. No one can re-home a hunting dog. They are bred to KILL!

And the horses don’t fare much better :o(

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