I have a fellow traveller in isolation. She’s called my Girl Monday.

OhMY. Did we just set both our worlds to rights. Yes we did.

I mentioned a cottage on a far flung Scottish coast…by the beach. Just me and my “Jackie crap” as Himself calls it. Plus a German Shepherd, a few cats and the mountains.

Girl Monday is on my vibe. She wants her own Himself and two boys to go and learn to live alone too.

I know that sounds harsh but there comes a time in a wife/mother’s life when all we crave is S P A C E…….QUIET. Peace. SILENCE. Serenity.

She’s a local girl so Scotland may be too harsh and unforgiving for her.

Not me. I used to swim in the sea off the coast of Fife as a kid.

Wouldn’t fricking do it now, though :o)