Chicken Cordon Bleu à la Jackie

Mother used to go slightly fancy on this regular meal. She’d buy 5 chicken quarters and do it.

To this day I hate eating chicken on the bone. Especially thighs and legs. My very own Dangerous Brian is exactly the same. We are both BREAST people (!)

Jamie is a Naked TV Chef. I’m an harassed wife and mother and blogger and house-maid.

K – eep





A fave meal chez us lot.

…One plump chicken breast each…say hello and thank it.

…Lots of slices of Red Leicester Cheese strategically balanced on top.

…Bacon laid out (2 or 3 slices depending on the girth of said breast)

…Plop a breast avec cheese on bacon and wrap said bacon around said chicken and cheese.


…Lay in a pan and Throw at open oven door, in full faith that it will land on a shelf.

…Cook on a medium heat, slowly, for as long as it takes.

Simples :o)

Nice with new potatoes and sweetcorn or haricots verts.

P.S. Dear Jamie…Like I’ve got either the time or the will to measure the height of both sides of my breasts. SMH :o)

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