Unexpected Validation

I’ve talked about these subjects for years.

I’ve been ridiculed, insulted, banned and totally isolated by the youtube “so-called” Truth Community.

This past year, though, many of those who once took the piss out me publicly are claiming these “gifts.”


I’ve catalogued many of my own personal traumas here – all of which have been used against me by certain “things” who’ve created yt videos and channels to deepen these traumas. e.g. Talking about graves and cemeteries and death on Christmas Eve even knowing that ….I’ve done this one too many times. Even approaching the 35th anniversary of the death of my child, the pain of it still tears me open.

As for the spiritual “divorce” from a Twin …OMG. Daily swords in my heart as they all knew and have used for almost 3 years :o(

You are NOT an Empath or a Shaman or AWAKE until you go through this journey – – every single step — and bear the wounds.

Dismemberment? I’m a Highlander. Severed head anyone?

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