This is supernatural but still TRUE TRUTH.

We were watching a recent Perspective programme on yt this morning called The Raiders of the Lost Art. It’s all about Hitler’s private museum and the art world and Munich.

Himself saw more of Germany than I did and I asked if he’d been to München. He had. Close Protection for the Princess Royal who left him stranded there with no flight back to Ireland and no money. He bought a green hippo that became our unborn second son’s fave toy.

I had a bad pregnancy and was rushed to hospital (Lagan Valley, Antrim, Ulster) for bed rest at 36 weeks. The doctor who’d just scanned me said I was doing really well for a 20 week pregnancy. I put her right!!!!

Anyhoo – the upshot was a conversation that had me telling the maternity staff that whatever happened, they HAD to save the baby.

Little did I know that 6 weeks after this, I’d be back in hospital…. in the Royal Gwent, Newport, Wales with my little dab’s life on the line AGAIN via Meningitis. Another 10 days in an isolation ward. FACT!

THIS IS LOVE. This is what we do for LOVE.

I’ve died yet again (in public and in private) trying to save the same child via youtube. And I’ll carry on. HE is more important than I am. HE is my child. So is his elder brother. I had two children within 2 years.