My youngest son was diagnosed at 3 years of age. He was under a Consultant Dermatologist at Basingstoke Hospital and she recommended a week in there for treatment.

He was 3 years old. I lasted two nights and three days and then demanded his release. Which we can do. An NHS hospital is NOT a prison. I promised to continue his coal tar treatment at home. As if I wouldn’t do anything and everything to stop my boy from suffering!!!

He is now 30 and still has SEVERE psoriasis. Some days the pain of it makes us both cry. Especially when I have to shave his head so that we can treat his scalp….he’s got gorgeous hair!

I once asked a much loved and followed youtube truther channel -who’d bragged about inventing a CURE for psoriasis -to help me and my boy.

He ignored me. TOTAL Blank and Ghost Vibe.

I told this in a youtube comment and got a reply from a rando saying that she DID NOT BELIEVE that UAP would EVER DO SUCH A THING.

Ahem. Sorry, hen. He DID. Why?

Because he despises me and that hatred of HIS (shared by his team-mates and crew) is much more important to him (them) than helping my child heal. FACT!

And these are the Modern AWAKE and Spiritual people of today ? ? ?

Yuh. Right. Whatever.

You ARE the company that you KEEP!