Let Me Tell You A Story….

My 21 year old niece got two of them from her friend’s father in Cardiff and gave them to her mother. Who bought them here.

One Saturday afternoon the brother, the sister and me smoked a spliff between us. Just the one.

OMG. We had such fun for about 3 hours. Then I puked. And she and I got all melancholy and wept buckets. He just fell asleep.

Never touched it since.

CBD Oil is different. I dosed our beautiful puppy dog (my only TRUE soul mate) with this when he started becoming very ill. It alleviated much of his trauma…..and mine. I shared some with him. We both went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


Mmmn. No my thing. I can get high on a can of Carlsberg and a good dance toon. Or by laughing with my boys.

Yes &yaadaayaadaa – I know this is a TV show but Gino…Gino…Gino…bloody mad Italian. Love him!

Fred is French, methinks. And as for Gordon……….A SCOT with a snotty English accent. Just like me :o)

A TWOFER ! Yet another stolen phrase of mine. Like fugly and snark. Fact.