I’m the biggest disser of Big Pharma that I know. But that is more than a little disingenuous on my part.

NHS hospitals have saved both my life, my husband’s (he decided that he quite liked liquid morphine) and that of my 6 week old baby (who didn’t like his lumbar puncture one little bit!)

These past few years have been extremely painful for me. Keeping a home and raising two boys and running my own shop when the father of my children was in Iraq and Haiti and suffering God Only Knows what torments, then the loss of the company that we’d founded together and the death of my father – I found myself, one day, lying on the kitchen floor sobbing so hard that it hurt.

I went to see my G.P. who is a lovely man, and started the consultation with my usual brave face and smile…

He diagnosed me with severe depression and suggested that I take medication to help. All I could do was nod through my embarrassment at falling apart in front of someone else.

I’d not have lasted these past three years without my doctor’s help and guidance whenever I stumble and fall.

I still practice all the natural remedies that I’ve learned over a lifetime but there comes a time, when we stand on the edge of forever and have to decide…yes ?

P.S. I’m still wearing the face of a bumblebee chewing a bulldog :o)