A pall of mist over our village.

My youngest son paying for a pre-Christmas, pre- Christmas shop with his own debit card…………….

I’m still feeling a bit whoozy about that :o)

The car needs a darn good clean. All that wet and windy and muddy weather.

Even with a highly organised bullet journal, with a 2021 AND a 2022 handwritten calendar, I still don’t know what day of the week it is. Wednesday? Monday?

Both my laptop and my tv are sending me the same old, same old youtube BS. With the same old, same old peeps. Saying the same old, same old crap. And repeating the same old, same words and emojis.

A bit of a same old, same day all around out there.

But NOT in my world :o)

I’ve discovered WASHI TAPE. Woooohooooooo! Above is my first haul.

I love, adore, scwhoon over the muted colours. Like those found in old frescos. They are usually called “blackened” or “greyed” colours because they contain certain amounts of black or grey to knock them back.

My entire house is painted with Farrow & Ball Colours. Not a brilliant white or a vibrant blue to be seen. It has neutral, muted, calming walls in whites and greens and lavenders – all of them “knocked back.”

The true colours come from the soft furnishings. My handmade quilts and Persian rugs and hand-knitted cushion covers.

I’ve even taught my son the value of this colour scheme. His rooms (still being decorated) are all muted blues and greys and greens and his bed will be topped by a mad Mother made -Kaffe Fassett material- quilt.

Just saying :o)