And I quote…

Probably, it is a grandiose pyramid mound made of crushed stone, rubble, 50 meters high and with a base diameter of 150 meters. The mound is located on the top of Mount Nemvroda (Nemrud-Dag) in Southeast Turkey, at a height of 2150 meters. This is a remote and difficult-to-reach area. At the top of the mountain, at the foot of a giant mound, a sanctuary was created. The remains of huge statues and bas-reliefs have survived here.

I will not go into whom this may be the final resting place of.

It is a UNESCO site now. Long gone are the days when the likes of Theresa Bathsheba Goell could excavate the site. She spent from 1947 to 1953 there.

Lots of ancient “stories” about the place. Sigh.

Oh. And NOT melted. It was built this way originally.