Hello Fresh & The Plague of 1950something

I reckon this bloke has at least 10 yt channels.

Whatever. I like his very wry (RYE) humour.

Or am I the only one who sees the link between the long advert for FRESH wholesome food in a box and ERGOTISM?

I researched this ergot fungus for my novel set in the 17th century. Apparently – St Anthony’s Fire has been going on since the year 857 – A.D. or B.C. not specified.

At the risk of sounding flippant … this sounds like a normal house party chez moi :o)

P.S. And that is NOT so far from the truth. I’ve seen girls do back flips, drink champagne through their eyes and boys playing Texas Holdem from underneath my kitchen table because they’ve used shots of J.D. rather than chips.

What disgusted me most was the fact that they were drinking American RYE whisky and not Johnny Walker Black Label or a single malt. TUT!

We all do stupid stuff, yes?

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