This has more to do with the last post than you realise :o)

Yes. Prostitutes are the greatest spreaders of STD’s of a sexual, medical nature. They will take any one, any where, any way – for money.

And those men (yes – they are usually MEN) go home and demand their “marital rights” and spread this disease to their wives and sometimes their unborn children.

But it goes so much deeper than this.

I’ve had Reiki done on me. It was wonderful. She was a teenager and sweet but……..!

What was she transferring to me?

The other STD is a Spiritually Transmitted Disease. FACT!

When you lay yourself open to all-comers, you have ZERO idea of what kinds of fluids (!) you are exchanging.

It is sometimes beyond our imagination to grasp just whom our latest snugglebug has already snugglebugged with. Or how many of them there were.

I’ve been with the same man since I was 20 years old. Just him.

It has been an unknowing KNOWING that I am far too special to open myself up to the darkest of attachments.


No. Personal Self-Respect & Safety.

The internet is the newest Whore-Master!! Which Doctor do we consult now? Which Big Pharma pill do we take?