Hook, Line & Stinker : Catching the Holy Grail

Himself. No 1 on Bucket List. Catch a Marlin.

So he booked a holiday in Mauritius with his best mate and youngest son to fulfil his dream. On our 25th wedding anniversary!!!

Yup. He caught one after about two hours and the local skipper hauled it on board and killed it there and then. A Marlin there is worth $3,000 and can feed several families.

They were ALL so sad. In the UK we do catch and release unless you have a special permit.

Anyhoo : I once fell Hook, Line & Stinker for someone due West of me. I trusted and hoped that one day we could WORK together. Trouble was – he totally despised me and everything I am and everything I do.

Never trust a Fisher of Women whom you’ve never met! Lesson learned. The HARD way.


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