The Winchcombe Grotesques

Yes. I’m back with Phil Rickman/Will Kingdom and Night After Night.

To me – he is a perfect example of how to use local folk-lore and legend inside a work of fiction.

Right at the heart of Night After Night is a Nightmare experienced by one of the characters. She has a recurring dream about the many grotesques on her local church, St. Peter’s, Winchcombe.

I’ve never been there. Part of my extended family live in Tetbury but we parted ways over a decade ago through lies and deceptions that were nothing to do with us and everything to do with our money…and their greed.

There is a huge difference between gargoyles and grotesques if you take the time to research. (?)

OK,SO…Winchcombe is on my list (very long list) of places to visit.

Oh. P.S. Phil also uses the local Long Barrow as a character !!!

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