Tomorrow Never Dies : When You Own the Media

If you remember the Bond film with the mad media mogul trying to take over the world….!

Rewind to King George V and his doctor.

The famous quote is something to do with the King dying with dignity…and the fact that he HAD to die before midnight to get his death in The Times newspaper and not the “gutter press.”

Was the King murdered or man-slaughtered or euthanised for a totally pathetic reason?

Wow. Whichever. His son and heir totally proved the father’s disdain. Eddie – the King that put his own personal “family jewels” aka dick before his duty to us!

And the press/media covered up so much of his low vibe sexual behaviour with whores and other men’s wives that a nation wept when he chucked orf his bejewelled crown and sceptre and holy hand grenade.

P.S. I love Mark John Maguire’s videos. Never missed a one yet.

P.P.S. For more on Eddie’s sexploits watch MJM’s video Death of a Prince : Murder at the Savoy (?)

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