Why Do Cowards RUN?

This is a story as old as time.

In my life The White Feather means more than the Mainstream History B.S.

Just those Two words spoken to another reveal all the contempt and disgust that is felt for a Coward. Cheat. Liar. Thief.

Far away from the military milieu – cowards exist everywhere.

These are the people who REFUSE to be challenged. These are the people who can not even face themselves let alone an outside test.

So they turn tail and run, rather than face an inconvenient truth.

Cowards are weak and untrustworthy and VERY BAD friends. They have no ability to confront with grace and dignity so they will do one of two things : Spit an ocean of spite and hatred back OR Run Away and Ignore.

It takes great strength to look beyond our own wounds and issues. We all struggle with these large life lessons.

Some better than others. FACT!

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