Lancelot du Lac

I’ve been doing this NC stuff for so long now that little surprises anymore.

I grew up on Myths & Legends. Greek, Norse, British. And I’ve always enjoyed the Legends of King Arthur and his Knights. The romantic in me, I guess :o)

The one reason why I have never fully bought into the work of Wilson and Blackett is their timelines. Their research is beyond question, it’s just the chronology that we disagree on.

Lancelot du Lac – The Greatest Knight & The Greatest Betrayer. We all know the story of his forbidden love affair with Guinevere.

But why is he Lancelot of the Lake? Why was he raised in the Faerie Realm under the lake? What is all this watery stuff about?

For me : Arthur and his 12 knights is one of the easiest of all reflections of Christ and the Apostles.

In my research (based on better minds than mine) Christ’s closest friend and ally was his twin brother, John the Baptist. The greatest betrayal was the untimely beheading of John.

Ooooh. Controversial, much?

Why are these tales set in Wales?

Commentators note that “the name Lancelot is considered a distorted and Romanised Welsh nickname LUGA … As for the nickname LAKE, it even more unequivocally testifies to Lancelot’s genetic connection with Lug. As a common noun Welsh. LLUCH means “LAKE”, hence all lake motives: … childhood at the bottom of the lake, upbringing by the Lady of the Lake >>, p.849. Note that the Welsh word LLUCH = lake is most likely derived from the Slavic LUZHA.

Food for thought.

Or not.

Your choice !

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