My village is not far off the Royston Vasey vibe sometimes. Especially when we are all told that we are doing everything wrong.

I’m tolerated because I moved into the area aged 10 and then moved back with my kids over 20 years ago. The locals still remember my parents, brothers and me as a kid.

We had a reverse Royston moment last night. Or was it?

Himself, being on ER still, during a storm, in the dark, the wind, the torrential rain, picked up a call for our village about a fallen tree blocking the road. Potential Major Hazard etcetc.

Long to short : He arrived to be greeted by a new villager all P.P.E’d and barking orders.

Him – politely asks the man to go inside because the experts have it covered.

Oh, yes. You Useless Council People.

Him – Please, sir. Go inside. We will deal with this.

You lot are useless. Thank God. The police have turned up. You totally useless waste of time and my council tax, you.

Police man told this new villager to go away too.

The upshot of this ramble here…It was NOT his tree, it belonged to the man across the road who knows us very well. As does the policeperson. And the local tree surgeon who towed the tiny little branch away on the back of his truck!!!

Um. Not to sound all Mightier than Thou but it is a FACT that the Rectory/Vicarage has always been the most important and the biggest house in the village. The Vicar lived there. He was on call 24/7.

We live in the village rectory and -whilst deeply Un-Important – we do open our house and our garden to all and everyone each year for the Annual Village Fete so, though we may be extremely private day-to-day, everyone knows us.

OMG. Have I turned into a “VILLAGER?”


BTW : It is illegal to stop someone from clearing away fallen trees etc from a public road. Even if it, or traffic, kills them. Go figure!