Faking Being Unconscious

Girl in village. Mad as a box of frogs. Latched onto us. Also her severely challenged kids latched on too. One day : the youngest daughter almost broke our door down in her panic.

Her mother had collapsed on the kitchen floor and would not wake up.

Local 999 services knew her number all too well so …

HE went to help. Army Trained First Aider and also an unwilling front-line medic trying to save his comrades lives.

Upshot…I wish I knew how to write shorthand!

Sorry. Upshot…Y’all can’t fake being unconscious.

The paramedics arrived. Eventually. And got the whole story from Himself.

She was still pretending even though all vital signs registered normal.

Enter Top Gear doing the Ambulance thing.

I’ve a story about himself being life-saved and his catheter too. I’ll save that one :o)

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