Jon Levi was once a go-to ytuber for me. Until he was sent MY work by someone else SARAH TONEN and published a video.

Of course – I IMMEDIATELY fought back. In real time. That got me some of the worst insults that I’ve EVER been subjected to.

I was even accused of Bestiality because my yt photo showed me with a dolphin.

Jon Levi pulled the video there and then.

OK. Guilty conscience or worried about HIMSELF and his reputation?

This was around 2 years ago.

I’ve long left THAT behind along with the perma stoned FEB. As for the third one of The Three Blind Mice. Well – he was the F1RST to ever totally me. Not just on yt but every other platform he uses. WHY? I have no idea.

JL & FEB are flying now. UAP is as stagnant and turgid as a toxic pond full of dead fish.

I WILL OUT these people. Not just for myself but for every other person who has been treated like a useless POS by all 3 of them.

Martin Liedtke is FAMOUS for his INSULTS to his subs and commenters. All who refuse to kiss his arse and lick his……. EGO.

The MACRO matrix is collapsing before our eyes. And also this narc micro matrix where anyone can make up an ID and comment and get loved regardless of REAL TRUTH.


Get a Life and learn to live it.


Yup :o)