Chuck Out Your Chintz

LOL! This is an OLD advert.

I have a fondness for Chintz…in small measures.

There has been an unexpected side-effect of my recently acquired Organisational Skills.

I’ve suddenly created FREE TIME. Along with moments of peace and serenity. Whaaaat?

It all comes down to 3 questions :

Do I like?

Is it good?

Is it useful?

Any NO answer generates a FULL CHUCK OUT.

For a couple of years I’ve been chucking out yt channels.

Certain “acquaintances” are no more.

Several possessions are still being dumped daily.

Many old attitudes and ways of thinking are no more.

I’ve organised my bullet journal into two page weekly spreads so that I can see a whole week at a single glance.

OoohKaaay : So on Tuesday I’m taking son to hospital. Make sure there is enough petrol in the car and change for parking fees.

We will run out of logs tomorrow so bribe, threaten or pay a child with food to cut some more.


I’m all of a dither about…… I’m NOT all of a dither.


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